Air conditioners, after a long time of use, often emit an unpleasant odor along with water blockage. Bring a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to daily life. Therefore, if not handled properly, it will create ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. It affects the health of family members as well as the life of the air conditioner.

1. Causes of water blockages and odors

When the air conditioner operates, there will be air circulation from the outside to the inside. Forms a stream of moist air that clings to the indoor unit along with dirt that has been stuck for a long time, making it impossible for cold air to escape. It causes steam stagnation and the formation of mucus, bacteria accumulating in the filter mesh, and water trough. This leads to oozing and bad odors… arising, creating conditions for bacteria to grow.

2. Harm of the above problem

So living or working near such an old and moldy air conditioner can have significant consequences due to an increased risk of respiratory infections. In particular, there is an increased risk of infection with dangerous diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease, caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, which causes lung cancer.

In addition, algae and impurities accumulated in the condenser trough also cause pipe blockage and water backflow from the condenser trough. It leads to common water leakage in buildings, and apartments, causing inconvenience in life.

3. Benefits of the tablet solution set

a) Quickly deal with odors and blockages in the air conditioner

BFresh tablet solution set of air conditioners, imported from the US, will overcome the above problems. Through the exclusive “INVISO – GUARD” technology. It can quickly handle odor-causing agents, molds, and bacteria, formed in the condenser of the air conditioner. It minimizes the blockage of pipes and brings a fresh living space for the family. Moreover, it improves the ability to inhibit and kill harmful bacteria groups, ensuring family health when using air conditioners.

b) No metal corrosion

With the neutral pH in each tablet product, the product will not cause corrosion in the water tank, iron, aluminum, etc., contributing to protecting and increasing the longevity of the air conditioner and against the formation of sludge on the tray.

c) Optimizing usage time

In addition, the product also has a slow melting time, so it should be maintained for a long time (about 3 – 6 months) according to each type of air conditioner. Thereby, helping to save both cost and time in cleaning the air conditioner.

4. Application of air-conditioner compressors

Along with 100% biodegradability, the product is not toxic to humans and the environment. This has been certified safe by the US EPA Environmental Protection Agency. It should be widely applied everywhere such as in restaurants – hotels, schools, and hospitals, and suitable for all types of air conditioners on the market, according to each product line.

And now, the BFresh tablet product set has separate product lines to suit each customer’s needs such as:

– Used for residential air conditioners such as:
Pan Pill – 229.02.003
CA90 – 229.02.001

– Used for air conditioners with medium capacity such as:
CT180 – 229.02.002

– Used for air conditioners with large capacity such as:
UT7B – 229.02.005
UT3B – 229.02.004